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Production processes

France has a huge variety of cheeses which are sometimes personal creations, some of which have never left the borders of the département or region. The incredible diversity of French cheese can be explained by the many production techniques handed down through the generations which are used to turn milk into a great number of unique products. Health and safety standards during each process are exemplary.
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France, a land of milk

Milk has properties that enable it to be used to make a multitude of products such as cheese, cream, butter and yoghurt. A temperate climate, ample rainfall, availability of farmland and the commitment of farmers make France a sustainable dairy-producing country. From the north to the south, from east to west, from the pastures of the Pyrenees to the hillsides of the Boulonnais, from the Maurienne valley to the Norman countryside to the volcanic plateaux of the Auvergne, the dairy and cheesemaking culture has been ever present for a long time.
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Did you know?


France produces 225,618 tons of AOP cheeses, butters and creams – that’s 22...

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Cow breeds in France

Did you know that in France, there are as many as 46 cattle breeds, 20 of which are dairy breeds? Today the Holstein Friesian, the Montbéliarde and the Normande form the majority of the French herd. Can you recognize them from their coat?

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