& Soft Camembert & Chinese black tea

Chinese black tea…

… Uncompressed Pu-erh shu cha (“cooked”) of the year, from the district of Lin Cang in the Yunnan Province in the southwest of China.

How to prepare

Heat the water to 90°C, 10 in 500ml water, and leave to infuse for 4 minutes.

Serving temperature

Serve lukewarm to gently accentuate the softness of the cheese.


The cheese…

… A soft cheese with bloomy rind from Normandy: the Normandy Camembert AOP.


Sweet pairing

A fruit paste made from peach soaked in wine, with pepper and cranberries.


Textures and flavours

The creamy and soft texture of the cheese, in contrast to the heady animal aromas of the rind goes well with the freshness and tangy flavour of the fruit paste, and the velvety texture of the tea with its woody, animal notes.