& Milky Langres & semi-dry Champagne

A semi-dry Champagne…

. This Champagne is a blend of equal proportions of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier. It will appeal to those who love dosed Champagne.

Its sensory approach: this semi-dry Champagne is a superb golden colour. A clear nose blends generous notes of dried fruits with delicious woody aromas, leading to a lightly spiced finish. Full-bodied, potent and complex, this wine has surprising generosity and presence, and is both supple and balanced. Its pleasant lively character enhances fruity flavours and notes of spice. With its rich scent of blond caramel, the finish is surprisingly long and incredibly fresh.


The cheese…

… A washed, soft cheese from Champagne Ardenne – Langres AOP.

Its sensory approach: its moist and shiny orange rind covers a blond centre with milky, animal aromas. Its soft, smooth texture exhales aromas of cream.


The pairing

This Champagne, with surprising balance and with a low sugar content, is a beautifully mild and light partner for the Langres. This cheese, the milkiest of soft cheeses with washed rind, must not be “pushed” and its slight acidity will be subtly transformed in the mouth, creating a harmonious, full-bodied pairing. This pairing paves the way for a delicious third dimension.