Lorraine features undulating grassland from west to east. First and foremost, there are the hillsides – vast and majestic landscapes that you can see from the top of the hills set atop the plain – then the Lorraine plateau, dotted with lakes and forests, and finally the Vosges massif, which marks the eastern border of Lorraine. The vast land of Lorraine, beautifully preserved, continues to be used for agriculture and forestry. But Lorraine is not countryside alone – the old town centres of Lorraine often have remarkable historical and architectural heritage, with religious monuments, and military buildings in particular. Major production areas include Meurthe-et-Moselle, the Meuse, the Moselle and the Vosges. Munster, Cancoillotte and Carré de l’Est are produced in this wooded region, which is wet and covered in snow in winter.