& Chaource & Northern blonde ale

The cheese: Chaource…

Beautiful bloomy rind with white mould on a smooth, thin, milky white centre. It gives off a delicate but persistent aroma of fresh button mushrooms and cream (the subtle, fine milky smell dominates). The texture is creamy, slightly salted (subdued), with a mild, smooth flavour and a nutty finish (hazelnut). A cheese for enlightened enthusiasts.


The beverage: Northern blonde ale…

… This ale from the north of France has an intense, creamy, generous and thin head. The heady aromas present in this ale are the result of top fermentation and the use of three hops from three different continents, each bringing the character of its terroir of origin. Raw hopping allows this ale to reveal its fruity flavours. Hoppy notes mix with notes of citrus fruits, creating a pleasant malty touch and adding roundness to the final bitterness, concluding with elegant and fresh fruity sensations.

Serving temperature

This ale should be served cool (9-10°C) to stimulate and enhance its freshness in the mouth and bring out all its aromas. Served at this temperature, the ale is sharply bitter which goes a long way towards helping perfect harmony to be achieved.


Pairing of textures and flavours

It is a meeting of two characters which share some characteristics in terms of their sensory profile. To begin with, there’s the creaminess of the ale and the texture of the cheese. Both manage to cover palate and tongue. The fruity aromas of each substance create an easy pairing when they come together, combining to produce one and the same sensation and creating an agreeable taste experience. The delicious hoppy character of the ale gives the Chaource enviable qualities and a reputation of excellence.